So I haven’t written anything for a while, but I wasn’t in the mood, at all.

I mean, today I just devoured The Tudors series, yes, that was my day, I even almost finish the second season.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I have constant changing periods of happiness and sadness, right now I’m going through the darkest one.

Don’t want to go out of my house but at the same time I feel so lonely.

Let Me In
Liked this very very much :)


I could finally finish homework, was actually sooner than expected :) and then ate some delicious pasta and watched “Let Me In” (really really good movie) and downloaded The XX new album “Coexist” which i’m in love with ♥ …Sunday was goooood :)

So today I’m practically close to loosing my head because all i have done is homework and i want to go out, but seems this horrible situation is not going to improve any time soon, so I’m just going to keep on being stressed out for the day … perfect. 

♥1 "What is it about us human beings that we can’t let go of lost things?"

— Leslie Marmon Silko, The Turquoise Ledge.
My Life

So, consider this a place in which i can share with you all kinds of inspiring beauty and few chapters of my life…